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What Our Customers Say...

  • “I've been aware of the P3 Duty to Warn Service for quite a while, now I wonder why I waited so long! After doing it myself or farming it out to local printers with mixed results for the last 10 years, the P3 process was easy, fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. The materials sent to my customers look professional, as does the certificate I receive to document the process. P3 also removed duplicate records, notified me of bad addresses, and provided access to the final verified mailing list to complete my records. They gracefully handled a vital, and sometimes cumbersome, task!”

    - Dave Barrett, Owner, Barrett Propane, Prescott, AZ

  • “P3 Propane Safety has a program that not only provides the Duty to Warn service, but documents the mailings with a certificate and list of the addresses mailed to. It’s just what the industry needed! This third-party verification process assists EMC Insurance in our defense of a propane dealer if a claim occurs. We have many propane dealers already signed up for P3 Duty to Warn and they have been telling us how much they appreciate the service and professionalism of P3.”

    - Frank J Mortimer, Senior Field Services Specialist, EMC Insurance

  • “Our company is always looking for best practice. P3 Propane Safety and Duty to Warn are products that meet this criteria. These are polished products with excellent support and value. Thanks to Jerry and his team for providing great products and service! Our insurance company recognized their value as well, and even paid for our Duty to Warn mailing!"

    - Toni Powers, Vice President, Powers Oil and Propane, Alliance, OH

  • “As the Chairman of State Association Safety Committee for 10+ years, a recipient of the NPGA Individual Safety Award, and an active participant in nation and state-wide propane safety issues, one cannot under estimate the importance of our responsibility to properly inform consumers of the properties of propane and proper documentation.
    After many years of performing Duty to Warn in-house, my experience with P3 Propane Safety’s Duty to Warn Program exceeded all expectations. The staff if knowledgeable, professional, and make the process effortless for marketers to meet legal obligations and present a professional image.”

    - Tim Spicer, Vice President, Foster Fuels Propane, VA

  • “Working with P3 for our Duty to Warn regulatory needs has been a complete success. The cost efficiency is a plus, but the true value is the fact that we are getting our customers all the information in they need in a very professional looking package. Would recommend P3’s service to anyone, five stars!”

    - Perry Flot, Greeley Branch Manager, Hill Petroleum, Greeley, CO

  • “We used to mail our Duty to Warn with our pricing plans and never felt confident that customers were actually reviewing the safety information that was sent. Now with P3, several customers have said they like the new format and went over the safety material with their family. I am now confident that we have a system in place that can protect our customers, our employees, and our company.”

    - Adam J. Brumm, General Manager, Kent Oil & Propane, Nashville, MI

  • “We did our Duty to Warn process this year with the folks at P3, and it was cost effective and easy. The sign-off on third-party verification was new to us but also another good feature of their program.”

    - Margarita Barbour, IT/Operations Director, Wesson Energy Inc., Waterbury, CT

  • “The P3 team was helpful in guiding us through the process of sending customer information securely and the mailings were sent out on schedule. This is an easy way to get annual Duty to Warn mailings to all customers.”

    - Barb Danielson, Vice President, Southern Iowa Oil, Corydon, IA

  • “The Duty to Warn process was simple and easy for us to implement. The most exciting part of our experience was having P3 exceed our expectations on service and cost.”

    - Terri Beard, Office Manager, Blue Flame Inc., Berkeley Springs, WV

  • "We had been sending DTW materials to our customers, but our procedures were lacking the proper documentation and the process required a lot of extra effort. P3 made it easy for us, and now we have a record of every customer who received DTW this year. They provide a great service at a reasonable cost."

    - Kirk Pendleton, Owner, South Fork Propane, South Fork, CO

  • “We are beyond thrilled with P3's Duty to Warn! They are very proactive and extremely efficient in getting the Duty to Warn mailing out to our customers. We have had several people come in and say how much they appreciated receiving the Duty to Warn in the mail! Thanks P3!”

    - Tiff Guilliams, Business Growth Manager, Ford’s Propane Gas Inc., North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • “P3 completed our Duty to Warn process this year. These folks make the process simple and efficient! They assure that all compliance requirements are met properly. Very easy process, thank you P3!”

    - Tera Peterson, Office Manager, Al’s Corner Oil, Carroll, IA

  • “We began using the Duty to Warn mailing in last couple of months and the results have been very well received by our propane customers. I presented the safety folder from the mailing at our annual meeting, and the customers were very impressed with the content and quite appreciative that we have taken added measures to provide them with a safe environment. Keep up the good work, P3.”

    - Mark Crosswait, Manager, Patrons Cooperative Assoc., Rapid City, SD

  • “The folks at P3 handled our Duty to Warn requirement with incredible ease to our company. The assurance that our yearly obligation to our customers would be taken care of perfectly, without the time-consuming process being squarely on our shoulders, was worth every dime. Even so, the price for the whole process was pleasantly low and below what I expected. I recommend P3’s Duty to Warn service for any size propane company—truly a top-notch service and group to work with."

    - Andy Johnson, Business Development Manager, K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas Co., Fuquay-Varina, NC

  • “P3 makes the Duty to Warn process easy for us. They develop everything so we don’t have to ship the stationary, envelopes, or PERC brochures; they handle it all! And, because of their volume the cost is lower than we could do ourselves. P3 makes the process cost effective and efficient, and they are a pleasure to work with.”

    - Dave Knapp, President, Knapp Energy Inc., Kalamazoo, MI

  • “The Duty to Warn process was simple and easy for us to implement. And, best of all, the cost was much lower per piece than I would have thought. Great service from P3."

    - Jeff Loudenback, CFO, Paladin Propane Partners, Leawood, KS

  • “It's always a pleasure to work with such a professional company. I can say P3 is hands down the best and most affordable place to take care of Duty to Warn mailings. It's so nice not to have to worry about content, stuffing, or mailing these materials!”

    - Jodi G. Gilreath, Blount Petroleum Corporation, Greenville, NC

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