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What Is Duty to Warn?

Duty to Warn is an annual risk mitigation process for propane dealers to inform customers of important propane safety information. Informing your customers about proper use and storage of propane as well as how to detect warning signs of a gas leak can significantly reduce the risk of propane-related hazards. This industry best practice provides protection for your customers through an annual mailing of informational materials and can legally protect your business should a residential propane accident occur.

Your One-Stop Shop for Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Safety Mailings

When it comes to providing your Duty to Warn safety mailings, we go above and beyond to stand out in the industry. After all, we want nothing but the very best for our propane safety clients! Our team of experts provides comprehensive and cost-effective safety mailings all under one roof. If you need help getting […]

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Here’s How We Mitigate the Risk of a Customer Data Breach

You go to great lengths to protect your propane customers—you send an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing, ensure that delivery schedules are on time, maintain internal security processes, and more. If you don’t ensure your Duty to Warn provider takes security as seriously as you do, all your precautions go out the window! P3 […]

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The Hidden Costs of Sending Your Safety Mailing Internally

Have you ever decided to make dinner at home instead of going out to eat, because you know it will save you money? Along this same train of thought is the idea that sending your annual propane safety mailing internally will cost you significantly less—but we’re here to let you know about a few hidden […]

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