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What Is Duty to Warn?

Duty to Warn is an annual risk mitigation process for propane dealers to inform customers of important propane safety information. Informing your customers about proper use and storage of propane as well as how to detect warning signs of a gas leak can significantly reduce the risk of propane-related hazards. This industry best practice provides protection for your customers through an annual mailing of informational materials and can legally protect your business should a residential propane accident occur.

Stand-Alone Mailing for Duty to Warn 101

Sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing is an industry best practice that propane companies across the United States utilize to reduce risk. There are many ways that you can communicate important safety information to your propane customers, but there is one method that stands out from the rest: stand-alone safety mailing. So, what […]

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Celebrating National Propane Safety Month

June is National Propane Safety Month, which means there’s no better time to show your customers that safety is your top concern. After all, they rely on you and the propane you deliver to heat their homes and keep appliances like stoves, clothes dryers, generators, and more running efficiently.   Propane is a safe, reliable […]

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5 Best Practices for Safety Mailing Security & Confidentiality

Are you looking for a third-party vendor to help you meet your obligation to send important safety information to your propane customers? Choose a Duty to Warn safety mailing service provider that you can count on to keep your customer list completely secure and confidential. Trust P3 to Keep Your Customer List Confidential Here are […]

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