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2 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Duty to Warn

Your annual Duty to Warn mailing plays a huge role in your customers’ propane safety each year. However, many propane companies are making simple mistakes that may be reducing the overall effectiveness and impact of these Duty to Warn letters. Luckily, we’ve outlined two of the most common mistakes so that you can avoid them when you send your 2023 propane safety mailing. Keep reading to discover two  Duty to Warn mailing mistakes, and learn our best solutions to ensure that your letters make a safe difference in your customers’ lives this year.

Common Propane Safety Mailing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Running a propane business often means managing a lot of moving parts. One of those responsibilities is sending out your annual Duty to Warn mailing on time. Throughout your company’s busy year, responding to service calls, making timely deliveries, and helping to keep the heat on in each one of your customer’s homes, it’s not unusual for your safety mailing to get accidentally swept under the rug. When this happens, your propane business may scramble to release your annual Duty to Warn, resulting in some common mistakes. Sometimes this can look like sending your safety mailing with customer invoices or sending these letters through your existing vendor, both of which have drawbacks to the effectiveness and impact that your safety mailing can have. Check out the list below to see what we recommend instead.

Sending Your Duty to Warn Mailing with Other Materials

Although it can be tempting to stick your DTW safety mailing in your most recent invoice to your customers, it’s imperative to not make this mistake. Despite that it may seem easier or perhaps help to reduce postage costs to slip in a Duty to Warn letter in other marketing materials such as newsletters or flyers you’re sending off, this creates a risk that your customers may not see your safety mailing at all before accidentally discarding it. Plus, legal counsel recommends protecting your company by sending standalone mailing rather than bundling it with invoices or other marketing. Simply put, you should always be in the habit of sending your propane safety mailing on its own, in a clearly marked envelope designed to capture the attention of your propane customers as an important piece of correspondence from your company.

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Sending Your Duty to Warn through an Existing Mailhouse Vendor

If you are already established with an existing mail house vendor that you trust to distribute your other business and marketing materials to your company, it is still wise to send your propane Duty to Warn mailing through a separate safety mailing service. P3 Duty to Warn specializes in sending propane safety mailing for your company which will take special precautions in drafting, packaging, and keeping a detailed record of your mailing recipients to provide to your insurance provider. Plus, we’ll equip your mailing with a professionally drafted intro letter, packaged neatly in a clear windowed envelope with your Duty to Warn and provide you with a certificate of your completed propane safety mailing for this year. We aim to make the entire process as stress-free for propane business owners as possible. Rely on us to take care of every single step of your safety mailing, so you can get back to running your company.

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The True, Unforeseen Costs of Sending Your Propane Safety Mailing In-House

Has your propane company considered sending your own propane safety mailing in-house? Here are 4 unforeseen costs that we wish to make business owners aware of before deciding to take this potentially costly and ineffective route for sending their annual Duty to Warn mailing.

  1. Supplies:

    Acquiring all the necessary materials including envelopes, copy paper, mailing labels, ink, cartridges, tape, fluid, and toner for your printer for your Duty to Warn mailing can get expensive. You may need to rent advanced equipment, like a laser printer and folding/inserting equipment to expedite the process if you decided to take care of this task in-house.

  2. Efficiency:

    It will be necessary to take time away from regular business for you or your staff to acquire these supplies and assign someone on your team to go through your customer list to make sure addresses and contact information are up to date.

  3. Labor:

    You will need to depend on your staff for production. This might mean employees are away from daily operations during business hours which may result in paying them overtime; resulting in more labor hours to produce your safety mailing.

  4. Margin of error:

    And lastly, DIY propane safety mailing yields a significant margin for error because internal safety mailings have a higher mail return rate, most commonly caused by changed addresses or contact information.

Overall, sending your Duty to Warn mailing yourself can become incredibly costly which is why we have created a reliable, safe, and secure turn-key process to help your business efficiently send your annual propane safety mailing for an affordable price and won’t disrupt your regular business activities. To get a FREE quote on our service today, click here!

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We Can Properly & Securely Send Your Propane Duty to Warn Mailing

P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you while providing your customers with comprehensive Duty to Warn mailing. As an NPGA endorsed provider, we manage customer lists with high cybersecurity standards and use the National Change of Address (NCOA) database as well as the CASS software system to ensure your customer addresses are updated and validated. Your mailing list will be accurate and result in nearly no returns. And the best part? Everything is included in our pricing, even postage! It’s a comprehensive and cost-effective process that is designed to help propane companies meet their safety obligations as simply as possible. Interested in getting a free quote on your annual safety mailing for 2023 or asking any questions about our safety mailing process? Click here to contact us now!