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3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid for Your Duty to Warn

Running a propane business often means managing a lot of moving parts. One of those responsibilities is sending out your annual Duty to Warn mailing on time. Throughout your company’s busy year, responding to service calls, making timely deliveries, and helping to keep the heat on in each one of your customer’s homes, it’s not unusual for your safety mailing to get accidentally swept under the rug. When this happens, your propane business may scramble to release your annual Duty to Warn, resulting in some common mistakes. Keep reading to learn what our propane safety mailing experts at P3 Duty to Warn have identified as the top DTW mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Top Propane Safety Mailing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Sending your Duty to Warn mailing with other materials

We understand it might seem easier to tuck your annual safety mailing in with your customer’s most recent invoice, but doing so can be hazardous. Legal counsel recommends protecting your company by sending standalone mailing rather than bundling it with invoices or other marketing. Simply put, you should always be in the habit of sending your propane safety mailing on its own, in a clearly marked envelope designed to capture the attention of your propane customers as an important piece of correspondence from your company.

2. You’re using an existing mail house vendor

Are you already established with an existing mail house vendor? Even though you may trust that company to distribute your other business and marketing materials on your behalf, it is still wise to send your propane Duty to Warn mailing through a separate safety mailing service. P3 Duty to Warn specializes in sending propane safety mailings for your company, which will take special precautions in drafting, packaging, and keeping a detailed record of your mailing recipients to provide to your insurance provider.

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3. You’re sending your Duty to Warn too late

Help get your customers the detailed propane safety information they need earlier in the year rather than later. Plus, mailing early can help your business take advantage of current mailing costs. The price for postage is expected to increase in mid-July, meaning that with the value of a dollar dropping every day due to inflation, and rising mailing costs, your buying power is better now than it ever will be. Hurry and send your annual propane safety mailing to save your business more money.

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Rely on Us to Securely Send Your Propane Safety Mailing

P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you while providing your customers with comprehensive Duty to Warn mailing. As an NPGA-endorsed provider, we manage customer lists with high cybersecurity standards and use the National Change of Address (NCOA) database as well as the CASS software system to ensure your customer addresses are updated and validated. Your mailing list will be accurate and result in nearly no returns. And the best part? Everything is included in our pricing, even postage! It’s a comprehensive and cost-effective process that is designed to help propane companies meet their safety obligations as simply as possible. Interested in getting a free quote on your annual safety mailing for 2024 or asking any questions about our safety mailing process? Contact us online now!