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Annual Propane Safety Mailing: Your Obligation to Customers

Propane providers are obligated to send an annual safety mailing each year to share important propane safety information with their customers. It is essential to send your safety mailing once per calendar year, or twice for jurisdictional accounts. This frequency is a best practice recommended by safety experts and insurance providers to protect your customers and employees from unnecessary risk.

P3 Duty to Warn Can Help Save Time & Money on Safety Mailings

Along with protecting your customers and company, an annual safety mailing safeguards you against litigation, can be completed quickly and affordably, and shows customers how much you care. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all alone. Our P3 Duty to Warn service takes the hassle out of your annual safety mailing from start to finish – at an affordable price. Keep reading to learn more about when, how, and why to send your annual safety mailing or click the button below to get a free quote on our safety mailing service today.


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What Is Duty to Warn?

Duty to Warn is an annual risk mitigation process for propane dealers to inform customers of important propane safety information. Informing your customers about proper use and storage of propane as well as how to detect warning signs of a gas leak can significantly reduce the risk of propane-related hazards. This industry best practice provides protection for your customers through an annual mailing of informational materials and can legally protect your business should a residential propane accident occur. Click here to view all of our Duty to Warn most frequently asked questions.

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How P3 Duty to Warn Can Help

We handle the entire propane Duty to Warn mailing process from start to finish for energy providers across the country. We offer a unique combination of products and services that facilitate compliance with Duty to Warn. Our comprehensive package includes all management and costs associated with design, printing, and mailing for your Duty to Warn. Here’s what we can do to facilitate sending your annual propane safety mailing each year:

Letters and EnvelopesLetters and Envelopes: We draft a professional letter to your customers explaining the importance of propane safety. This letter along with accompanying safety material is mailed to your customers in a clear-windowed envelope with your company’s brand.

PostageDiscounted Printing and Postage: We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best price on printing and postage through the use of well-respected printers and mail houses. Our printing and mailing volume helps you get the lowest rates.

BrochureScratch-and-Sniff Propane Safety Brochure: An informative safety brochure (PRC-003121) is included with the mailing. This brochure explains propane safety practices and informs your customers of how to detect early warning signs of a potential gas leak.

CertificateThird-Party Verification Certificate: Once your mailing has been completed, we provide you with a detailed, signed certificate. This certificate is mailed to you and your insurance provider as assurance that you have communicated this important propane safety information to your customers.

SecureSecure File Transmission: We use a secure file transfer service when you provide us with your customer list and other sensitive information for your mailing. This service adds an extra layer of encryption, making it impossible for anyone to read your files or see your login and password information.

When, How & Why to Send Your Annual Propane Safety Mailing

However, sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing each year is critical for risk mitigation at your propane company. Due to this, experts recommend your safety mailing once per calendar year for non-jurisdictional accounts. Plus, sending an annual safety mailing will help lower the risk of propane safety hazards, reduce your company’s liability, keep your insurance rates stable, and more! Please note that if you service jurisdictional accounts, you are required by federal regulations to send an annual safety mailing to your jurisdictional customers every six months.

Propane Duty to Warn Services You Can Trust, Backed by the NPGA

When it comes to sending out your safety mailing, trust P3 Duty to Warn. P3 Duty to Warn is endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association and supported by dependable names in the propane industry. Click here to view our partners. P3 Duty to Warn provides a quick, cost-effective process that can fast-track your annual Duty to Warn to be completed before the end of the year. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation quote today!

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