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Are You Really Saving Money by Doing Your Safety Mailing Yourself?

Propane companies across the country are obligated to send important safety information to your customers on a yearly basis. How do you accomplish this important task? If you are still pooling internal efforts to produce, manage, and send your propane safety mailing, read this blog post to find out if a DIY safety mailing is actually the most affordable route.

Did You Know?

You Spend Billable Hours on an Internal Mailing

Keep in mind that doing your mailing in house means you’ll have to take time away from regular business. It will take time for someone on your team to gather materials, go through your customer list, and make sure addresses and contact information are accurate.

Did You Know?

COVID-19 Restrictions Could Limit Your Ability to Work in Teams

Sure, your whole team could probably produce your safety mailing within a week or so, but because of COVID safety precautions and social distancing, it’s likely that you’ll need to designate one person to complete your mailing. If you have a lot of customers, this can be an overwhelming task for one person to tackle alone.

Did You Know?

DIY Safety Mailing Supplies Can Be Expensive

You’ll need more than just stamps and envelopes to complete your mailing. Consider mailing labels, ink, cartridges, tape, fluid, and toner for your printer. You may need to rent advanced equipment, like a laser printer and folding/inserting equipment. You’ll need to order PERC scratch-and-sniff safety brochures. And of course, you’ll have to allocate staff hours to gather and organize the materials.

Did You Know?

Making a Mistake Could Cost You Thousands

Handling the propane safety mailing process internally yields a larger margin for error because internal safety mailings have a higher mail return rate, most commonly caused by outdated customer contact information or addresses.

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The Good News: It Is More Affordable to Outsource the Process

It may be a weight off your shoulders to know that you can save money by outsourcing your Duty to Warn safety mailing to a propane safety expert. That’s right—it actually costs less for you to contract the work to someone else! Less work for a lower cost—what propane company wouldn’t take advantage?


P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you. Our Duty to Warn safety mailing includes a custom introductory safety letter and scratch-and-sniff PERC safety brochure. We manage customer lists with high cyber security standards and use the National Change of Address database and the CASS software system to ensure your addresses are updated. Everything is included in our pricing! The comprehensive process is designed to help propane companies meet safety obligations as affordably as possible. Contact us for a free quote on your annual safety mailing.