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Make It Clear to Customers Their Safety Is Your Top Priority

When you’re in the propane business, you’re in the safety business. From your techs and drivers in the field to your documentation in the office, you’re doing everything to keep things running safely and smoothly. But how many of your customers really know about all of that? Customers don’t get to see the ins and […]


Jump-Start 2021 by Sending Your Duty to Warn Early

Last year was a crazy one—was your propane company able to uphold safety protocol and standards? Whether you fell slightly behind or buckled down and used extra time in the office to completely rework your Policies & Procedures manual, you can start this year off on the right foot by sending your annual propane safety […]


How We Keep Your Safety Mailing Data Secure & Confidential

The year 2020 is coming to an end, which means propane marketers that haven’t sent their annual Duty to Warn safety mailing yet are searching for the right provider to help them get their Duty to Warn out the door. Choose a Duty to Warn safety mailing service provider that you can trust to keep […]


P3 Duty to Warn vs. Mail House Sending: Which Ranks Supreme?

As an owner and operator of a propane company, promoting a safe work culture and reducing risk and liability are significant parts of your business proceedings. A large part of propane safety is your annual Duty to Warn mailing, which you’re obligated by safety protocols to send each year. Even insurance underwriters recommend this important […]


Frequently Asked Questions about High Snowfall Safety Mailings

The first day of fall has come and gone, which means propane companies across the country are ramping up for another busy winter. Does your company operate in a high snowfall area? If so, you know that winter comes with its own unique challenges on top of more propane deliveries and service visits. Ice, wind, […]


Contact-Free Duty to Warn Safety Mailing for Propane Marketers

We can all agree that 2020 has been a year to remember. Circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused propane companies across the country to adjust their daily operations to keep their customers and employees safe. Like most businesses across the country, propane marketers have had to get creative to minimize person-to-person contact by offering […]


The Importance of a Stand-Alone Duty to Warn Mailing

We have a question for you—was your most recent Duty to Warn safety mailing a stand-alone piece? Sending a safety mailing is an industry best practice for propane marketers across the United States and provides increased homeowner safety and reduced risk and liability for your propane company. While there are many ways you can communicate […]


Tips for National Propane Safety Month

June is filled with plenty of important days, like Flag Day, Father’s Day, and the first day of summer, but here in the propane industry, June is an exceptionally important month because it is National Propane Safety Month. There’s no better time to remind your customers that safety is your propane company’s number one priority. […]


Reasons Why Insurance Underwriters Recommend Duty to Warn

When you own and operate a propane company, reducing risk and promoting a culture of safety are always top of mind. You’ve likely heard about how sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing can help you achieve these goals. But did you know that customer safety mailing isn’t just encouraged by leaders in the […]


The Real Cost of DIY Safety Mailing

How does your propane company meet its obligation to send important safety information to your customers? If you are still pooling internal efforts to produce, manage, and send your propane safety mailing, read this blog post to find out if a DIY safety mailing is really saving you money. Find out how much in-house safety […]


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