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Why Propane Companies across the US Trust P3 Duty to Warn

Sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing is an industry best practice that helps propane marketers meet their obligation to inform their customers about the safe handling of propane, reduce risk, and ultimately protect their companies, employees, and customers. Are you searching for a mailing service provider to help you send your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing? Read this blog post to find out why P3 Duty to Warn is the leading supplier and most trusted provider of safety mailing services in the propane industry.

Top 5 Reasons to Trust Us with Your Annual Propane Safety Mailing

1. Professional, custom-designed safety letters
P3 Duty to Warn sets itself apart from DIY safety mailings and other mail-house providers by providing an introductory safety letter that is custom-branded with your company logo and details. This safety letter is the first thing the customer sees when they open the mailing and serves as a helpful tool to introduce the enclosed propane safety information.


2. Direct access to PERC scratch-and-sniff brochures
We maintain a significant inventory of these brochures for our clients so that every customer who receives a Duty to Warn safety mailing from your company receives the PERC scratch-and-sniff brochure.


3. Secure and confidential customer lists
We uphold the highest standards of cybersecurity here at P3 Duty to Warn. We guarantee that all customer lists are kept secure and confidential by using a secure SFTP file transfer service with an extra layer of password-protected encryption.


4. Quick and easy three-step process

Our clients love working with us because the process is so simple. Our team handles every aspect of creating and sending the Duty to Warn mailing—all you need to do is:

  • Sign, scan, and email a signed Duty to Warn Agreement.
  • Review and approve your safety letter draft.
  • Upload your customer list through our secure file transfer program.


5. The best printing and postage prices

Our goal is to make this essential industry service affordable for our clients. Our printing and mailing volume allows us to give customers discounted printing and postage rates so that you can rest easy knowing you’re paying the best price for your safety mailing.

Work with P3 Duty to Warn This Year

We’ve been providing safety mailings to clients across the country for years now. We are endorsed by the NPGA as an Affinity Program provider and have similar programs with many state propane associations. Are you ready to team up with us or learn more about our safety mailing services? Get a free, no-obligation quote from P3 Duty to Warn for your 2021 safety mailing today!