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5 Tips to Foster a Culture of Safety at Your Propane Company

At P3 Duty to Warn, our team knows how much you care about keeping your employees and customers safe. That’s why we’re reminding you that June is National Propane Safety Month, which is the perfect time to think about how you and your employees are using propane safely. Your employees depend on you to provide a safe working environment, and in turn, your customers rely on the expertise of your employees to understand their propane appliances and storage containers. Read this blog to learn our experts’ top tips to promote a culture of safety at your propane company.

Our Top Tips for Maintaining Your Propane Safety

Remember to Mail Your Annual Duty to Warn

As a propane marketer, the most important thing you can do for your customers is to make sure they are aware of safety guidelines and proper handling techniques for this dependable energy option. The first step to getting started is sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing. Utilize P3 Duty to Warn, the industry’s #1 provider of this important consumer safety mailing.

Include a PERC Scratch-and-Sniff Brochure

When you choose P3 Duty to Warn for your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing, we include scratch-and-sniff brochures produced directly by the Propane Education and Research Council. This PERC brochure provides in-depth details about propane-related safety hazards and preventative measures for homeowners. Your customers will appreciate a custom-branded safety letter paired with the brochure, which allows them to familiarize themselves with the scent and safety precautions of the eco-friendly fuel.

Maintain Records of Your Duty to Warn Mailings

It is inevitable that mishaps can occur in the propane business. If this happens at a customer location within your portfolio, you should have proof that you have been sending Duty to Warn mailings each year to significantly reduce your liability. Many propane companies enjoy enhanced peace of mind when they learn that P3 Duty to Warn keeps records on file for years when it comes to when propane safety mailings were sent.

Stay within Compliance with Codes & Guidelines

When sending important information to your customer base, you should inspect your company’s internal operations and processes. Make sure you are compliant with local and federal OSHA, DOT, and NFPA guidelines. The best thing to do is stay up to date on propane safety requirements, which will reduce risk for your entire organization and protect your company.

Train Your Employees to Promote Safety to Customers

Your company should be having safety meetings year-round, not just during your annual company meeting or when onboarding new hires. It’s important to train your employees, including technicians, delivery drivers, and customer service representatives, to share safety tips and general awareness information every time they interact with your customers.

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Help Your Business & Your Customers Stay Safe with P3 Duty to Warn

At P3 Duty to Warn, we are dedicated to helping your company stay in compliance while keeping your customers safe. Get in touch with us today for a FREE no-obligation quote and to learn more about how NPGA-endorsed P3 Duty to Warn can help with your annual propane safety mailing!