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Compare the Difference: P3 Duty to Warn vs. a Mailing House

It’s that time of year! If you haven’t sent your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing yet, you will want to do so before things really get busy. There are still a few months left to get your mailing out for 2019. If you are considering working with a mailing house, check out this quick checklist before you make your final choice. A mailing house may seem appealing at first, but when you look at the facts, P3’s Duty to Warn service delivers unmatched value to propane companies looking to protect their company and their customers.



What a Mailing House Can Do for You

Mailing houses are an external service provider who can get your safety mailing taken care of, but don’t offer any additional advantages.

  • Meet Industry Best Practice
    Sending an annual safety mailing is an industry best practice that is recommended by safety experts and insurance providers.
  • Include PERC Brochure
    The Propane Education & Research Council Brochure #003121 presents important safety information for customers, including a scratch-and-sniff to identify the smell of gas.

On the other hand, when you see the comprehensive services that P3 Duty to Warn offers, you’ll see why so many propane marketers across the country have switched from using a mailing house to choosing P3 Duty to Warn to complete their annual safety mailing.



What P3 Duty to Warn Service Can Do for You

  • Meet Industry Best Practice
  • Include PERC Brochure
  • Create a Custom Design for Your Brand
    Our team of in-house designers will brand an introductory safety letter with your logo and company information.
  • Create a Personalized Safety Letter
    We use variable printing to personalize each safety letter to be addressed directly to each customer.
  • Provide a Third-Party Verification Certificate for Your Records
    Once your safety mailing has been sent, P3 Duty to Warn will provide a third-party verification certificate for your records. This will help to document that your safety mailing was sent for the year.
  • Provide Printing, Postage, and Complete Mailing Services
    We manage the entire process for you! And all costs are included in our price.
  • Utilize Secure File Transfer Processes
    You can trust that sensitive customer information is safe. We use a secure file transfer process to keep your customer list confidential.
  • Confirm Customer Addresses
    As a part of our customer list formatting process, we remove all duplicates, and we use state-of-the-art software (CASS & NCOA) to ensure that all zip codes and addresses are accurate. This results in a customer list that has been validated, minimizing returns.
  • Offer Volume Discount Pricing
    We work with a volume printer and can offer valuable discounts to ensure you pay the best price for your safety mailing.
  • Deliver a Streamlined Annual Renewal Process
    Set it and forget it! We will notify you each year when your annual safety mailing is due to be sent again.

Get a free quote today to find out how much time and money you can save working with P3 Duty to Warn.