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The Consequences of Not Sending Your Duty to Warn

The end of another year marks many important milestones. It’s the season to celebrate with loved ones, reflect on the past year, and plan ahead for the next. In the propane industry, the end of the year also marks the important deadline for sending customer safety mailing. Has your company sent out its annual Duty to Warn?  Skipping this industry best practice can put your company and your customers at serious risk.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Send a Safety Mailing

Sending an annual duty to warn to your propane customers provides many benefits. If you’re on the fence about sending yours out before 2018 is over, it’s time to reconsider. Read on to find out the potential issues that could arise if you don’t send an annual Duty to Warn…

  • Potential Safety Hazards

A P3 Duty to Warn safety mailing includes a professional letter that explains the importance of propane safety to your customers. Inside, there is also a PERC scratch and sniff brochure filled with important safety tips. If you do not send a safety mailing, your customers won’t receive this valuable information that can help prevent safety issues, and aid customers in acting appropriately in the event of a gas leak.

  • Litigation Risk and Costs

In the event of a propane leak or safety issue, record of your annual safety mailing can be used to protect your company from legal consequences. P3 Duty to Warn provides a third-party verification certificate as evidence that the safety information was sent to your customer list. Without this evidence, your company could be subject to expensive legal claims.

  • Insurance Issues

For most propane marketers, sending an annual Duty to Warn is one of the parameters for insurance requirements. If you don’t send your annual Duty to Warn, you may be faced with penalties from your insurance company.

Contact P3 Duty to Warn for Quote on Propane Safety Mailings

Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t put your company, your customers, or your employees at risk. P3 Duty to Warn can provide you with a free quote immediately! Our team will work with you to expedite the process so that you can reach your customers’ mailboxes before New Year’s Eve.