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Frequently Asked Questions about High Snowfall Safety Mailings

The first day of fall has come and gone, which means propane companies across the country are ramping up for another busy winter. Does your company operate in a high snowfall area? If so, you know that winter comes with its own unique challenges on top of more propane deliveries and service visits. Ice, wind, and snow in these areas can cause unique safety risks for propane companies, propane employees, and propane customers. Experts in the propane industry recommend that propane marketers operating in high snowfall areas should send a specific High Snowfall Safety Mailing for added protection.

Here’s everything you need to know about sending a High Snowfall Safety Mailing with P3 Duty to Warn:

Q: What is a High Snowfall Safety Mailing?

A: A High Snowfall Safety Mailing is a safety mailing that is specially designed for propane companies that complete deliveries in regions of the US where high snowfall is common during the winter months. Just like your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing, the High Snowfall Safety Mailing includes a custom introductory safety letter, but it has its own unique customer safety information.

Q: What makes a High Snowfall Safety Mailing different from a standard Annual Safety Mailing?

A: What sets the High Snowfall Safety Mailing apart is that it provides important information about winter weather-related safety hazards to your customers. Your custom safety letter introduces the included PERC Emergency Preparedness High Snowfall Areas brochure (No. 4478).

Q: What type of information is in the PERC Emergency Preparedness High Snowfall Areas brochure?

A: The PERC Emergency Preparedness High Snowfall Areas brochure (No. 4478) offers tips for customers about how to prevent winter weather-related safety hazards. The brochure also provides directions for customers to follow in the event a high snowfall-related emergency occurs.

Q: What are the benefits of sending a High Snowfall Safety Mailing to my customers?

A: If you live and work in a high snowfall area, you know how challenging and even dangerous winter storms can be. Safety is extremely important during this time of year. Sending a High Snowfall Safety Mailing to your propane customers will help to:

  • Avoid unnecessary safety hazards
  • Let customers know you care about their safety
  • Protect your employees and your company
  • Receive third-party verification for your records

Q: When should I send my company’s High Snowfall Safety Mailing?

A: We recommend that propane companies located in high snowfall areas get started on their High Snowfall Safety Mailing during the fall. That way, you can reach your customers with this important information before winter storm season starts.

Contact P3 Duty to Warn to talk with one of our safety experts about your High Snowfall Safety Mailing options. Our service is contact free and cost effective. Just contact us for a free quote today!