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Duty to Warn FAQs

Have questions about P3’s Duty to Warn Program or about propane safety mailings in general? We’re here to help! Review the list of commonly asked questions below to learn more about the P3 Duty to Warn process and why sending an annual safety mailing is critical for all propane marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sending an annual safety mailing is an industry best practice that is highly recommended by industry professionals and industry-adjacent entities, like insurance companies. Many propane marketers choose to follow this best practice due to its valuable benefits for customer safety and company protection. If you service jurisdictional accounts, you are required by federal regulations to send an annual safety mailing to your jurisdictional customers every six months.
A: Sending an annual safety mailing will help lower the risk of propane safety hazards, reduce your company’s liability, keep your insurance rates stable, and more!
A: Yes, companies that serve jurisdictional systems are required to send a safety mailing to customers every six months. A jurisdictional system is a propane system that serves multiple dwellings, buildings, or businesses. Click here for more information about what makes a system jurisdictional.
A: Third-party verification uses secure software to correct and standardize customer lists to minimize returns. It also provides sending confirmation for company records. Get more facts about third-party verification here!
A: The industry best practice is to send your Duty to Warn as a stand-alone mailing, instead of including it with other materials like a service invoice or leave-behind door hanger. When you send a stand-alone Duty to Warn, you are reaching customers directly with safety info front and center.
A: Send your Duty to Warn consistently at the same time every year. This will help protect your company, make daily operations easier, and show your customers that you care.
A: You may be surprised to hear that partnering with us will save you money on your mailing. This is because due to our printing and mailing volume, we unlock bulk discounts on paper, envelopes, ink, toner, printing, and even postage costs. Plus, we allow you to optimize your team’s billable hours. Those savings are transferred directly to you!
A: We take security as seriously as you do. Our team of safety experts employs encrypted file-sharing software, secure file transfer protocol, regular company-wide security training, annual safety audits, and internal policies and procedures to keep your customer data and other information safe.
A: Send your safety mailing once per calendar year. This frequency is a best practice recommended by safety experts and insurance providers to protect your customers and employees from unnecessary risk. Along with protecting your customers and company, an annual safety mailing safeguards you against litigation, can be completed quickly and affordably, and shows customers how much you care.

If you don’t see your question answered here or would like to get a free no-obligation quote on your annual Duty to Warn, please contact us here!