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The Surprise Costs of Sending Your Safety Mailing In-House

Have you wondered if sending your annual propane safety mailing in-house could save you money? Although producing most of your own business materials can often be a proposed solution, the reality is that taking time away from your normal business activities and allocating the resources, money, and labor to send your annual Duty to Warn internally can be incredibly costly. Keep reading to learn about a few hidden costs you may not have considered when it comes to internal safety mailing.

Get Familiar with These Hidden Costs of DIY Duty to Warn Mailing

If learning the benefits of our propane safety mailing service as opposed to internal safety mailing interests you, you’re in luck! We’ve outlined three of the most surprising DIY mailing costs you may not have considered. When factoring in labor, printing, postage, and appropriate risk mitigation with your mailing, suddenly your costs begin to rise beyond what you may have expected.

Hidden Cost #1:

What many propane marketers don’t think about is that sending a safety mailing in-house pulls your staff away from other business-related tasks. Unless you’re hiring more staff just for the safety mailing season, every year you’ll have to sacrifice in other places while you create, organize, mail, and track your safety mailing. Plus, hiring and training designated staff certainly isn’t going to save you money on your mailing.

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Hidden Cost #2:

It may cost more than you think to maintain and operate your printing and tracking equipment. After all, you must print your introduction letters, order your brochures, ensure your printing equipment is working properly, plan to have enough ink and toner, and prepare to label, mail, and track each letter to ensure it was delivered successfully.

Hidden Cost #3:

The third hidden cost is the price you pay if the unthinkable happens. Without third-party verification, it’s your word against the customer’s if a propane emergency occurs. Save yourself the cost and reputation-killer of litigation if you are unfortunate enough to experience a propane emergency that could have been prevented with an accurate and timely propane safety mailing.

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Safety Mailings Are Easier and More Affordable with P3 Duty to Warn

Our NPGA-endorsed company at P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you. Our safety mailing includes a custom introductory safety letter and scratch-and-sniff PERC safety brochure. We manage customer lists with the highest security standards and use the National Change of Address database and the CASS software system to update your addresses. The comprehensive process is designed to help propane companies meet safety obligations as affordably as possible. Contact us for a free quote on your annual safety mailing today.