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Internal Safety Mailing Costs More Than You Think

Does your company produce and manage your annual propane safety mailing in-house? The DIY approach might seem to save you money, but when you look at the numbers it turns out not to be as cost-effective as you might think. Check out the common challenges that come with sending safety mailings internally to see if there’s a better solution for your propane company:

Challenges of Internal Safety Mailing

  • Materials
    When you complete your propane safety mailing internally, it requires much more than stamps and envelopes. You have to factor in the cost and effort it will take to gather everything you need: envelopes, copy paper, mailing labels, postage, and printer ink, cartridges, tape, fluid, and toner, along with production materials you might not have like laser prints and folding and inserting equipment. Not to mention, you will need to set aside the time and expense of ordering scratch-and-sniff safety brochures from the Propane Education & Research Council.


  • Productivity
    Acquiring all of these materials for your safety mailing takes time away from regular business. Once you have your materials, you will need to allocate time for you, management, or your office staff to go through your customer list to make sure all customer contacts and addresses are up-to-date.


  • Labor Hours
    Most companies that manage and send propane safety mailings internally will need to use their staff for production. Whether you take your team members away from their regular responsibilities during business hours or pay them overtime, you’re using significant labor hours to produce your safety mailing.


  • Delivery Success
    Managing your safety mailing process and customer list internally yields a significant margin for error. Internal safety mailings have a higher mail return rate, due to changed addresses or contact information.

The Solution That Saves Time and Money

When you break it down, internal safety mailing is a time-consuming process that can be costly to complete. Skip the stress of managing your propane safety mailing internally by using a third-party safety mailing service, like P3 Duty to Warn.


At P3 Duty to Warn, we manage the entire safety mailing process for you. We create an introductory safety letter customized to your brand and use variable printing to personalize each letter. We securely handle your customer list and include a PERC scratch-and-sniff brochure with every mailing. Everything is included in our pricing, even the postage! We utilize the National Change of Address (NCOA) database as well as the CASS software system to ensure your customer addresses are updated and validated. Your mailing list will be accurate and result in nearly no returns.


Click here to read a full article published in BPN Magazine detailing the real cost of internal mailing. Contact P3 Duty to Warn to get a free no-obligation quote today!