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Jump-Start 2021 by Sending Your Duty to Warn Early

Last year was a crazy one—was your propane company able to uphold safety protocol and standards? Whether you fell slightly behind or buckled down and used extra time in the office to completely rework your Policies & Procedures manual, you can start this year off on the right foot by sending your annual propane safety mailing early.

Did You Know? You Can Send a Safety Mailing Anytime

Are you aware that the propane safety mailing obligation can be met at any time throughout the calendar year? For example, if you sent your last Duty to Warn in December of 2020, you don’t have to wait until December 2021 to send your next mailing. Insurance underwriters and liability restrictions only require that one safety mailing is sent each calendar year—so since January 1 has already come and gone, you’re good to mail anytime!

The Most Important Reason to Mail Your Duty to Warn Early This Year

The pandemic threw a wrench into the plans of propane companies across the country last year. Many didn’t get around to sending their Duty to Warn safety mailings until November or December. While P3 Duty to Warn has the capacity to complete high volume mailings in a timely manner, it can take a weight off your shoulders to send your mailing on the earlier side of the year.

Experts are predicting that COVID-19 restrictions could start to improve by the end of 2021, meaning there will be a lot of adjusting taking place later this year. When that happens, you’re going to have a lot to think about—in-person training, employee safety certification refreshers, an end-of-year company meeting, and more. Get your 2021 Duty to Warn mailing out of the way early in the year while you begin to have more downtime when spring approaches.

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How to Get Started with Your Duty to Warn in Minutes

P3 Duty to Warn makes sending your annual propane safety mailing simple. To get started, just fill out this short form. We’ll get in touch with you to provide an affordable estimate for the cost of your 2021 Duty to Warn mailing. If you want to move forward, we’ll get you a PDF sample of how your mailing’s cover letter will look. You can make any desired changes before we confirm your mailing list and ship it out the door! It really is that simple. Click here to request your quote while you’re thinking about it.