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Propane Safety Professionals for Duty to Warn

Skip the stress of managing your annual safety mailing internally and leave it to the experts! The P3 Propane Safety Duty to Warn Program is managed by a team of professionals that are here to help every step of the way. Once you choose P3 Duty to Warn, you can sit back and relax knowing that your annual safety mailing is in good hands.


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Jerry Schimmel

Jerry Schimmel

Vice President, P3 Propane Safety
P3 Compliance System and P3 Duty to Warn

Jerry has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. As Vice President for the past four years, he has led campaigns for both the P3 Compliance System and P3 Duty to Warn Program, presented at multiple conventions and expos across the country, and has helped expand the P3 Duty to Warn Program from 63 customers in 2014 to 250 customers in 2018.

  • Member of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA)
  • Member of Women in Propane Council (WIP, NPGA)
  • Member of the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA)
  • Member of the North Carolina Propane Gas Association (NCPGA)
  • Serves on the WPGA and NCPGA Safety Committees
  • Serves on the NPGA Member Services Committee
  • Guest Columnist (June 2015) Propane Safety Documentation, LP Gas Magazine
  • Guest Columnist (June 2016) A Foolproof Program, LP Gas Magazine
  • Guest Columnist and Featured Supplier (2018) Safety Documentation and Compliance for Propane Marketers, Michigan Propane Journal
  • Regular presenter and panelist at association conventions, expos, and annual meetings, including the NPGA Southeastern Expo, Rocky Mountain Propane Association, Minnesota Propane Gas Association, Energi National Summit, Colorado-New Mexico Propane Convention, Kentucky Propane Gas Association, Ohio Propane Gas Association, and Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts Propane Gas Association.

Samantha Walsh

Project Manager
Consumer Focus Marketing and P3 Duty to Warn

As the Project Manager and former Sales and Operations Support Representative for P3 Duty to Warn, Samantha leads all internal operations for the Duty to Warn Program. This includes managing print and mail marketing, assisting the accounting department, and providing high-level customer service to every client. She also serves as the Project Manager for Consumer Focus Marketing, overseeing the details of internal and client marketing plans and supporting the accounting department. Samantha has nearly 8 years of sales, administrative, and management experience.

  • Manager of all internal Duty to Warn operations since April, 2014.
  • Implemented new strategies to further the efficiency and benefits of Jurisdictional Duty to Warn mailings.
  • Managed the growth of the Duty to Warn program from 63 customers in 2014 to 250 customers in 2018.
  • Oversees and adapts P3 Duty to Warn practices to make the program efficient, affordable, and worry-free for every customer.

Matthew McGrath

Matthew McGrath

Sales Executive
P3 Duty to Warn

In his role as Sales Executive, Matthew is responsible for the P3 Duty to Warn Programs sales and marketing initiatives. This includes developing, managing, and implementing both print and digital campaigns. He has five years of sales and administrative experience and currently works with over 100 Duty to Warn customers. Matthew provides a seamless experience for every client, assisting with the complete process for sending annual safety mailings.

  • Manages P3 Duty to Warn sales and marketing
  • Drives development and implementation of print and digital campaigns
  • Oversees processing of all third-party verification certificates
  • Provides customer service and internal administrative support
  • Contributed to the growth of the Duty to Warn program, working with over 30 new customers in 2018.

Eric H. Leskinen

Executive Vice President, P3 Propane Safety
Consulting, Training, and Risk Management Services

A veteran of the industry, Eric has over 30 years of experience with career progression from field operations to corporate direction. He has designed, managed, and executed safety training and compliance programs for multi-state companies with up to 1,100 employees. As a true compliance and safety specialist, his background and skill set make the P3 Propane Safety training services invaluable to marketers seeking to improve their compliance and overall efficiency.

  • Over 30 years of propane and trucking industry experience, including 15 years as a Director of Safety, Training & Compliance for a multi-state propane and fuel distributor along with 10 years in field operations and management for a national propane distributor
  • Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Instructor, Proctor, and Skills Evaluator
  • Member of the Propane Gas Defense Assoc. (PGDA) since 2008, current Board Member and past President in 2012
  • Member of the National Fire Protection Assoc. (NFPA) since 2001
  • Member of the New York Propane Gas Assoc. (NYPGA) since 2001 and serves on the Safety and Education Committee
  • Served on the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) Safety & Training Advisory Committee (STAC) for eight years
  • Chairman of the CETP 2.3 Transport Operations re-write taskforce in 2012-13. Also served on various sub-committees, including but not limited to Cathodic Protection Training Program, Static Electricity Training, Mobile Crane Safety, Consumer Safety and Duty to Warn, OSHA and DOT First 90-Day Training, Propane Jurisdictional Systems, and CETP Vapor Distribution Systems

Wes Sheppard

Senior Consultant, Safety and Training, P3 Propane Safety
Consulting, Training, and Risk Management Services

Wes has over 25 years of experience in various safety management and corporate instruction positions. He brings experience from energy, transport, and tech industries to offer seasoned management and direction skills. Most recently, his seven-year position as a Safety Director included overseeing training for 350+ employees at 75 locations in 11 states. He is a certified CETP proctor well-versed in new employee and continuing education training and development of operational and security manuals.

  • Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Instructor, Proctor, and Skills Evaluator
  • Train-the-Trainer certified instructor since 1993, utilized for Dimension Development Inc. (1993) and Industrial Training Services (2017)
  • Active member of multiple state propane associations across the country, including Tennessee Propane Gas Assoc., Alabama Propane Gas Assoc., and Georgia Propane Gas Assoc.
  • Member of the National Fire Protection Assoc. (NFPA) since 2013
  • Serving on the Safety & Education Committees for Tennessee Propane Gas Assoc. and Georgia Propane Gas Assoc.
  • State Propane License TN (RME License), AL (Competency License), FL (601/801 Master Qualifier)
  • DOT/NTTC Registered Cargo Tank Inspection
  • OSHA 10-Hour Certification

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