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Meeting Your Obligation 101

Providing Important Safety Information to Your Propane Customers

You are the propane experts that your customers trust for safe, reliable propane service. With this responsibility, you are obligated to provide customer safety information on a yearly basis. Don’t cut corners! The P3 Duty to Warn program makes it easy and affordable to meet your obligation with these five critical elements:

Top 5 Essentials for Successful Duty to Warn

1. Consistent Annual Mailing

The first step towards protecting your company, your employees, and your customers is sending an annual Duty to Warn. Without this mailing, you are not meeting your obligation and putting your company at risk for liability. P3 Duty to Warn provides a streamlined process and will remind you each year when it is time to send your mailing.

2. Send Mailing Independently

It is an industry best practice to send Duty to Warn information independent of other marketing materials. While some companies might stick this information on a billing receipt, an independent mailing guarantees that the safety information is front and center for customer review. P3 Duty to Warn provides custom-designed letters so that your mailing looks professional and matches your company’s branding.

3. PERC Safety Brochure

The Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) scratch-and-sniff safety brochure is an industry-standard for providing propane consumers with all the information they need to understand important safety procedures. Each P3 Duty to Warn mailing that is sent includes this brochure to help companies inform their customers with the best information available.

4. Third-Party Verification

Record of your annual Duty to Warn mailing is crucial to protect your company from potential liability. The P3 Duty to Warn program automatically provides third-party verification for your records after your mailing has been sent. We use a secure SFTP service that adds an extra layer of encryption to protect your customer list and other sensitive information.

5. Legal Counsel and Insurance Provider Approval

Get the stamp of approval from your legal counsel and insurance provider. The above criteria that makes up the P3 Duty to Warn has received support from insurers and companies across the country.

“P3 Propane Safety has a program that not only provides the Duty to Warn service but documents the mailings with a certificate and list of the addresses mailed to. It’s just what the industry needed! This third-party verification process assists EMC Insurance in our defense of a propane dealer if a claim occurs. We have many propane dealers already signed up for P3 Duty to Warn and they have been telling us how much they appreciate the service and professionalism of P3.” – Frank J Mortimer, Senior Field Services Specialist, EMC Insurance