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P3 Duty to Warn vs. Mail House Sending: Which Ranks Supreme?

As an owner and operator of a propane company, promoting a safe work culture and reducing risk and liability are significant parts of your business proceedings. A large part of propane safety is your annual Duty to Warn mailing, which you’re obligated by safety protocols to send each year. Even insurance underwriters recommend this important safety procedure to help your company, employees, and customers stay safe around propane and its equipment.

You’ve likely considered your options when it comes to sending your Duty to Warn mailing—after all, it is a substantial task that is important to be completed properly each year. Your options come down to using DIY methods, a mail house, or a third-party sender. DIY sending is just asking for trouble in terms of verification and cost, and a mail house isn’t a great choice either because of its lack of personalization and customizable options.

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P3 Duty to Warn’s Third-Party Verification Protects Your Company

A mail house isn’t a viable option if you need third-party verification that your safety letter was sent and received. If a propane accident were to occur, one of the first questions insurance underwriters will ask is whether a safety letter was sent. Without unbiased verification, it could be hard to prove that your letter was sent. P3 Duty to Warn, on the other hand, offers a third-party verification certificate to complete your records.

Custom Branded and Designed Safety Letter for Your Company

Along with your verification certificate, we’ll provide the following benefits for your propane company. Keep in mind that a mail house, while covering the bare minimum for you to squeeze by (while taking the chance that no emergencies will occur), will only send a PERC brochure to your customer list.

P3 Duty to Warn Provides:

  • Industry Best Practice
  • PERC Brochure
  • Custom Design for Your Brand
  • Personalized Safety Letter
  • Third-Party Verification Certificate
  • Printing, Postage, and Complete Mailing Services
  • Secure File Transfer Processes
  • Confirmed Customer Addresses
  • Volume Discount Pricing
  • Streamlined Annual Renewal Process

What are you waiting for? Get started with your propane safety experts at P3 Duty to Warn with a no-obligation quote on your next annual safety mailing. We look forward to speaking with you!