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It Has Never Been Easier to Send Your Duty to Warn

Forget stuffing envelopes in house or paying egregious fees to get your Duty to Warn out the door—it’s never been easier to fulfill your obligation. P3 Duty to Warn makes it easy for you. Our process requires just three simple steps to ensure that your customer list is securely transferred to us and that you’re happy with our introductory safety letter that is custom-branded for your business.


The Fast & Simple Three-Step Process

Our team is happy to handle every aspect of your annual safety mailing—we just need three things from you to take off running with your Duty to Warn:

Sign, scan, and email a Duty to Warn Agreement

Review your safety letter draft and either approve or request changes

Send us your customer list through our secure file transfer program called ExaVault


Security Is Our Priority

We know how much security means to you—because it means just as much to us. We don’t take any risks when it comes to customer lists. Get in touch to learn more about our secure file transfer program, which meets the highest levels of cybersecurity. We guarantee that every customer list is kept confidential through a combination of SFTP file transfer security and an additional level of password-protected encryption to boot.

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Getting Started with P3 Duty to Warn Takes Only Seconds

There are a handful of things that our customers love about our Duty to Warn service—we are endorsed by the NPGA as an Affinity Program provider, offer free quotes on our safety mailings, have been providing Duty to Warn assistance to hundreds of clients across the country for years, and take your mailing as seriously as you do. Interested in taking advantage of these abundant benefits for your propane company? Contact us to learn how much time and money you could save when you use P3 Duty to Warn to send your annual safety mailing. We look forward to helping your propane company meet your obligation and provide your customers with critical propane safety information this year.