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The #1 Responsibility of the Propane Marketer

The new year has arrived, and it’s time to start things off right by saving time, money, and resources with P3 Duty to Warn consumer safety mailing program. As a propane marketer, you have the very important responsibility of helping to ensure consumer safety. When you trust us with your Duty to Warn safety mailing, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll share with your customers the safety information they need to operate propane equipment responsibly. Keep reading to learn how sending your safety mailing with us helps you promote a culture of safety within the propane industry.

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When, How & Why You Must Send Your Annual Propane Safety Mailing

To mitigate risk at your propane company, you must send an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing each year. Experts recommend your safety mailing once per calendar year for non-jurisdictional accounts, and if you service jurisdictional accounts, you are required by federal regulations to send an annual safety mailing to your jurisdictional customers every six months. Sending your annual safety mailing helps to lower the risk of propane safety hazards, reduce your company’s liability, and keep your customers safe.

We Help You Promote a Culture of Safety

Keeping your customers safe should be your top priority as a propane marketer, and P3’s Duty to Warn mailing service helps achieve that goal through accurate, effective, and impactful Duty to Warn mailings. Some benefits that come with choosing us to handle your safety mailing include:

  • Keep your customers safe by sending your safety mailing during the heating season.
  • Include a PERC Scratch-and-Sniff Brochure in your DTW to help your customers understand the signs and smells of a propane leak.
  • Ensure customers receive the safety mailing they need most.
  • We’ll maintain records and verification that your letters were sent.

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Trust the NPGA-Backed P3 Duty to Warn with Your Safety Mailing

Our comprehensive mailing process was designed to help propane marketers meet their safety obligations as accurately, effectively, and affordably as possible. P3 Duty to Warn is endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association and supported by dependable names in the propane industry. Visit this page now to view our partners. We provide a quick and cost-effective mailing process—get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote now!