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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Send a Duty to Warn Mailing This Year

Propane providers are obligated to send an annual safety mailing each year to share important propane safety information with their customers. With the holiday season fast approaching and postal delays imminent, now’s the time to send your Duty to Warn safety mailing for the year. P3 Duty to Warn is pleased to handle everything from start to finish, all for one low price. Keep reading to learn about a collection of reasons you should send your annual safety mailing while there’s still time on this year’s calendar.

Why You Need to Send Duty to Warn Mailing Before End of the Year

Beat the Winter Rush

Many propane providers wait until the end of the year to send their annual safety mailing out to customers. That means that shortly, year-end safety mailing requests will come flooding in from across the country. Slide into a time slot now, while there’s still plenty of availability; you don’t want to miss your chance and miss the end-of-year deadline to your safety obligation to customers.

Avoid Holiday-Season Postal Delays

We all know what happens when the end of the year rolls around—the US Postal System gets completely jammed with holiday orders and deliveries. As soon as online retailers start offering sales in November, mailing delays can significantly affect the speed at which your mailing gets to your customers.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Similarly, the holiday season brings with it an abundance of mail: winter catalogues, Black Friday sales offers, seasonal greeting cards, and more. Take care of things now for a simple and effective safety mailing that will reach your customers’ homes while they’re still reading every piece of mail that drops into their mailbox.

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Plus, Access Features Not Offered by Other Providers

We’re pleased to be an affinity partner of the National Propane Gas Association. They recommend us for your propane safety mailing, because we stand above the rest with features including:

  • Scratch-and-sniff PERC brochure

An informative safety brochure is included with every customer’s mailing. This brochure explains propane safety practices and informs customers of how to detect early warning signs of a gas leak.

  • Customized safety letter and envelope

We design a professional letter to your customers explaining the importance of propane safety. This letter (along with safety material detailed above) is mailed to your customers in an envelope custom-branded to your company.

  • Discounted printing & postage because of our volume

We sent over one million letters a few years back, and our numbers have only grown since then. Our volume allows us to get special discounts on printing and postage, which we pass on to you. Then we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best price on printing and postage.

  • Secure file transmission of customer lists

We use a secure SFTP service when you provide us with your customer list and other sensitive information. Unlike emailing or transferring files through a standard FTP site, this service adds an extra layer of encryption.

  • Third-party safety mailing verification

Once your mailing has been completed, we provide you with a detailed, signed certificate. This certificate is mailed to you and your insurance provider to show that you have communicated propane safety information to your customers.

What Are You Waiting For?

We know you’re busy—but this important procedure only takes a few seconds to get started. Inquire about your safety mailing, and we’ll give you a brief call to work out the details. After that, you can get back to your daily business while we develop a custom-branded safety letter for your approval. After your feedback is implemented, we bundle your letter with a PERC brochure and mail it out to your verified customer list. It’s really that simple.