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The Real Cost of Internal Safety Mailing

Are you still sending your annual Duty to Warn safety warning in-house? You may think you’re saving money by doing this internally, but there’s a more efficient and cost-effective way to make the most of your time and budget. Before you round up your team to start stuffing envelopes, take a hard look at this comparison to see how using a third party service, like P3 Duy to Warn, has helped propane companies spend less to effectively reach customers with important safety information.

What’s Required to Complete Your Duty to Warn Internally

Let’s look at the facts. Sending a safety mailing that meets industry best practice standards takes time, effort, and most importantly, money. There’s more to it than just a roll of stamps and a customer mailing list. Sending an internal safety mailing means you will need…

  • Purchase and Acquisition
    Everything you need to create and send your safety mailing. This means envelopes, copy paper, print brochures, mailing labels, postage, and printer ink, cartridges, tape, fluid, and toner.
  • Facilities
    A place to complete production of your safety mailing and storage for equipment and materials.
  • Production
    Additional equipment and materials required to produce the safety mailing for every customer on your list. Laser printers, folding and inserting equipment, postage meter purchase or rental payments, mailing software purchase and updates. Not to mention, time to train operators on use of this equipment and labor hours for printing, sorting, folding and inserting.
  • Postage
    This includes the expense of postage and the time and cost of transportation delivery to and from the post office.

Is your head spinning just looking at this list? Propane marketers often run into capacity limitations and unnecessary losses with all of these moving parts. You can skip the inconvenience and cost by sending your annual safety mailing through P3 Duty to Warn.

Save Time, Save Money, Protect Your Company

When you break it down, the benefits of using a third party safety mailing service are invaluable:

  • Accurate mailing list resulting in nearly no returns
  • Easy recordkeeping and organization
  • Everything is stored electronically, taking up no physical space
  • Time-stamped and documented proof that your safety mailing was sent to your customer list
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) access and CASS software system keep addresses updated and forwarded, with aligned zip codes
  • Qualification for volume postage discounts

Take a look at our process to see why P3 Duty to Warn is the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient propane safety mailing service available. Ready to get started? Contact us for a free no obligation quote!