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Top 5 Reasons to Send Your Safety Mailing Early in the Year

Sending an annual safety mailing to your propane customers is an industry best practice that will help protect them, your employees, and your company from unnecessary risk. There are some major benefits to sending your safety mailing at the beginning of the year. Read on to learn more:

Why Sending Your Duty to Warn Early Is a Smart Move

  1. Show your customers that safety is your #1 priority

    Sending an annual Duty to Warn to your customers reinforces that their safety matters to your company. Consumers appreciate receiving occasional communication that isn’t just sales-related, especially during the winter when they rely on you and their propane appliances the most.

  2. Save money and time

    When you choose to send your Duty to Warn with a third-party vendor, you benefit from a more efficient, professional, and affordable process. You can trust that your Duty to Warn is in good hands, so that your management and office staff can focus on taking care of your customers.

  3. Provide important safety information when it’s especially relevant

    The goal of sending your Duty to Warn is providing PERC safety information to customers to help avoid unnecessary risks or hazards. A safety mailing that includes the most up-to-date PERC scratch-and-sniff brochure can serve as a valuable resource for homeowners and their families while they are using more propane to heat their homes and power other appliances.

  4. Receive third-party verification

    A third-party verification certificate provides evidence for your records that your Duty to Warn was sent to your customer list. This documentation can be used in case of litigation or as proof of completion for your insurance provider. P3 Duty to Warn has high-level security software, systems, and protocol in place to keep customer lists secure and confidential.

  5. One less thing to worry about!

    You’re busy enough as it is. Why not knock one thing off your ever-growing to-do list now, so you don’t have to worry about it later? Sending your annual safety mailing with P3 Duty to Warn is easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

Contact P3 Duty to Warn About Your Propane Safety Mailings

P3 Duty to Warn is proud to be the endorsed safety mailing service of the NPGA Affinity Program. Contact us to learn more about our process or click here to get a free no-obligation quote!