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Duty to Warn Isn’t All We Do: Count on Us for Recurring Mailings

P3 Duty to Warn mailed to millions of customers in 2023 with our annual risk mitigation process for propane dealers. Our service is designed to inform your customers about the proper use and storage of propane to legally protect your business and keep your customers safe—but that’s not all we do! Even if you already use our Duty to Warn service, you might be surprised to learn that we offer a wide variety of other recurring mailings sent separately from your annual Duty to Warn mailing. Keep reading to learn how you can combine our NPGA-endorsed propane safety mailing service and our other recurring mailings to keep your customers informed while making your business stand out.

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Rely on Our Consumer Focus Marketing Team for All Your Recurring Mailings

Are all your customer mailings sent as efficiently and affordably as possible? In addition to P3’s Duty to Warn mailings, our Consumer Focus Marketing team offers professional customer letters with discounts on printing and postage due to the volume of mail we send each year. Some of the recurring mailings we offer separately from your Duty to Warn include:

  • Customer Solicitation
  • Prebuy/Prepay Contract Letter
  • Budget Contract Letter
  • Summer Fill Letter
  • Will-Call Customers
  • Small Cylinder Safety
  • High Snowfall Safety
  • Winter Letter
  • Tank Maintenance Letter
  • Underground Customer-Owned Tank Safety
  • Above-ground Customer-Owned Tank Safety
  • Service Plan Letter
  • General Tune-Up Reminders
  • Pool Heater Tune-Up Letter
  • Fireplace Tune-Up Letter
  • Appliance Installations

Benefits of Completing Additional Recurring Mailings with Our Consumer Focus Marketing Team

When you choose us for your recurring mailing needs, you’re choosing a company that offers a host of benefits, such as:

  • Professional letters that look great and are easy for customers to understand
  • Applicable mailings can contain PERC brochures citing top industry safety info
  • We streamline the process to make initial and recurrent mailings fast & simple
  • We can mail your existing letters for you

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Get a FREE Quote Today on All Your Recurring Mailings

At P3 Duty to Warn, we know that the safety of your customers is top of mind. That’s why our comprehensive mailing process is designed to help propane companies like yours meet safety obligations as accurately, effectively, and affordably as possible. Whether you need to mail your Duty to Warn or you’re looking for a standalone recurring mailing, we can help! Contact us for a free quote on your annual safety mailing or separate recurring mailings today and experience the value of working with our expert team of propane mailing professionals!