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Helpful Resources for Propane Dealers

Learn more about P3’s Duty to Warn program and explore additional propane safety materials with these useful links.

Rethink your Internal Mailing Process in 2019

Are you still sending your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing in-house? You might think that doing this internally saves you money, but there’s a more cost-effective and efficient solution. Read more in this article written by the Vice President of P3 Propane Safety for Butane-Propane News.



#1 Service Vendor in the Propane Industry

Want to learn more about how we manage your entire Duty to Warn mailing process? Visit this informational flyer to see a breakdown of the process and what other propane marketers are saying about this cost-effective, efficient, program.



PERC Safety Brochure

Designed to assist propane marketers with Duty to Warn compliance, this Propane Equitation & Research Council brochure provides important consumer safety information including steps to take if you smell gas, propane gas detectors, carbon monoxide safety, general appliance safety tips, and more.

This brochure is included with your safety informational letter when you use P3 Duty to Warn.


Whose Duty Is It to Warn?

Sending an annual Duty to Warn mailing to customers is a best practice that helps propane marketers reduce liability and provide protection for employees and customers. Get an in-depth look into the P3 Duty to Warn Program in this article written by the Vice President of Propane Safety for Butane Propane News.


What to Do If You Smell Gas

Wondering what your customers should do in the event of a suspected gas leak? Check out this informative video and checklist from PERC!


Additional Resources

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers education and safety information for propane consumers and marketers. The council, established and funded by the propane industry, also is leader in technology development to advance the use of propane across the United States. Visit their site for more propane safety resources and industry information.

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