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Top 3 Reasons Not to Skip Your Safety Mailing This Year

Sending a Duty to Warn safety mailing each year is a best practice that many propane marketers use to protect their customers, employees, and company from unnecessary risk. If you haven’t sent yours by the time fall rolls around, it might feel easy to skip a year because you’re so busy with running your company. Industry experts say, “Don’t do it!” No matter how busy you are now, you won’t regret getting your Duty to Warn mailing out the door before the end of the year.

Why You Need to Send a Duty to Warn Safety Mailing Every Year

1. Because it protects your company

Plain and simple, sending a Duty to Warn mailing is the first line of defense in protecting your company from potential accident-related litigation. Skipping a year would put a break in your coverage history and could put you at risk for an extended period.

2. Because it can be done quickly and affordably

When you work with a third-party mailing service provider like P3 Duty to Warn, your safety mailing is totally taken care of. We handle everything from printing to postage and provide a verification certificate for your records after your mailing is sent. We understand how busy our clients are all year, and especially during the fall, so we guarantee a cost-effective and efficient process.

3. Because it shows your customers that you care

Communicating safety information will stand out to your customers. Sharing important PERC safety resources will help prevent unnecessary risks or hazards and reinforces that your company’s top priority is homeowner safety and support. Additionally, an annual safety mailing is another touch to keep your company front and center with the customer.

Get Your Duty to Warn Done in 2021

The year is almost over! Have you sent your annual safety mailing yet? P3’s Duty to Warn program makes sending a consistent safety mailing cost-effective and convenient. Learn more about our process or contact us to request a no-obligation quote!