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Scratch-and-Sniff Propane Safety Brochure

At P3 Duty to Warn, keeping your customers safe is a priority for us. That’s why we include a scratch-and-sniff propane safety brochure from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)  in all of our mailings. Including the scratch-and-sniff brochure gives customers the opportunity to learn the odor of propane in case they should ever smell it. This informative safety brochure, included with the mailing, explains propane safety practices and informs your customers of how to detect early warning signs of a potential gas leak.


Enhanced Safety Precautions

Taking the time to inform your customers about responsibly using and storing propane as well as providing information on how to detect warning signs of a gas leak helps reduce the risk of propane-related hazards. This indispensable information for customers will inform them of the safety standards of their propane system, and it will also give them peace of mind that they are prepared to take care of their propane system. When it comes to keeping your customers safe, we know you don’t want to cut corners. Including this safety brochure in your annual propane safety mailing goes a long way in making an important impression on your customers.




Get Started Today

P3 Duty to Warn handles the entire propane Duty to Warn mailing process from start to finish for propane providers across the country. Our package includes a unique combination of products and services that facilitate compliance with Duty to Warn, including all management and costs associated with design, printing, and mailing. To learn more about our process or enroll in our program like so many other propane marketers, get in touch with us today.