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3 Risks You Can Avoid by Sending Your Annual Duty to Warn in 2019

The end of the year is the busiest time of year for propane marketers and vendors. Temperatures drop, customers rely more on propane to stay warm, and winter weather conditions make completing deliveries and service visits trickier than normal. On top of all of that, the end of the year marks the time to get your company’s annual obligations in order, including completing your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing.

It might seem trivial compared to other responsibilities your propane company must fulfill, but sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing each year is critical for risk mitigation at your propane company. Failing to do so could result in some serious consequences! Find out what risks can be avoided when you get your safety mailing out before the end of the year.

Prevent These Issues by Sending a Duty to Warn Safety Mailing

Sending an annual safety mailing to your propane customers offers many significant advantages for your company, including several benefits that minimize risk for your company, customers, and employees. Here are three things you can help to avoid by sending an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing in 2019:

  1. Insurance problems
    Most insurance companies require that propane marketers send an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing to their customers. If you fail to meet the requirements of your insurance provider, you could be faced with penalties.
  2. Safety hazards
    Sending an annual safety mailing is an industry best practice because it does exactly what it implies: it informs propane customers of important safety precautions. P3’s Duty to Warn safety mailing includes a customized safety letter that introduces enclosed PERC safety information. If you skip sending a safety mailing, your customers miss out on this important safety information that can avoid safety hazards and help customers follow proper propane safety precautions.
  3. Litigation
    In the event of a propane safety issue, like a leak or other hazard, having a record of your annual propane safety mailing can be used to protect your company from litigation. P3 Duty to Warn delivers third-party verification certificates that serve as documentation evidence that safety information was sent to the customer list.

Get Your Duty to Warn in the Mail by 2020

There’s still time to get your 2019 annual safety mailing out to your customers. P3 Duty to Warn provides a quick, cost-effective process that can fast-track your annual Duty to Warn to be completed before the end of the year. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation quote today!