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Why You Need to Send Your Safety Mailing Consistently Every Year

In the propane industry, an annual safety mailing is a best practice that many companies use to protect their customers, their employees, and their company. Did you know that when you send your Duty to Warn is almost equally as important as sending it in the first place? Find out why it is critical to maintain consistency when sending your annual safety mailing.


3 Reasons to Keep a Regular Mailing Schedule

1. Protect your company

Your Duty to Warn is an annual best practice that can protect your company in the event of accident-related litigation. Sending your mailing out at the same time every year ensures this coverage between each yearly mailing.

2. Make life easier

Choose a month to send your Duty to Warn every year to maximize your team’s efficiency. With the support of the P3 Duty to Warn staff, you’ll get routine reminders when that time of year comes around. Consider sending your safety mailing in the late spring or summer, so that everything is taken care of before the pre-heating season rush!

3. Show your customers you care

A consistent communication will stand out to your customers. Sharing important PERC safety information will help prevent unnecessary risks or hazards and reinforces that your company’s top priority is homeowner safety and support. Additionally, an annual safety mailing is another opportunity to keep your brand on the forefront of your customers’ minds!

Contact P3 Duty to Warn for Your Next Propane Safety Mailing

Fall is fast approaching! Have you sent your annual safety mailing yet? P3’s Duty to Warn program makes sending a consistent safety mailing cost effective and convenient. Learn more about our process here or contact us to request a no-obligation quote!