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Why Stand-Alone Mailing Is Essential for Your Duty to Warn Process

Sending an annual Duty to Warn is a best practice in the propane industry. There may be several ways to share Duty to Warn safety information with your customers, but only one process that can truly protect your customers, your employees, and your company.


What Is a Stand-Alone Mailing?

A stand-alone mailing includes a personalized safety letter and the PERC “scratch and sniff” brochure. When Duty to Warn information is mixed in with other marketing materials, like newsletters, the message loses its strength. The stand-alone Duty to Warn process is an efficient, affordable, and comprehensive solution to send your annual Duty to Warn.


The Benefits of Stand-Alone Mailing

Reach Customers Directly

Including your annual Duty to Warn on the reverse of customer fuel slips or door hangers might appeal to “kill two birds with one stone”, but this doesn’t guarantee that your customers will receive the safety information. Sending a stand-alone mailing addressed to the account holder is the most direct way to get safety information in each customer’s hands.


Safety Info Front and Center

Stand-alone mailing eliminates the risk of customers skipping over or missing safety information all together. Sending a stand-alone mailing ensures that your Duty to Warn and safety information is the sole focus. Stand-alone mailing is simple for customers to review and easy to save for future reference.


Verification for Your Records

When you use P3 Propane Safety’s Duty to Warn Program, you will receive a third-party verification certificate. This certificate confirms the completion of your annual Duty to Warn mailing and indicates the total number of addresses mailed to. Our third-party verification process will provide a record that your mailing was sent to an accurate customer list. You will receive a copy of the third-party verification certificate for your company records, and it will be kept on file by P3 Propane Safety as well.


Protect Your Company

Sending a stand-alone Duty to Warn mailing is essential to protect your company in the event of litigation. Keeping your safety information separate from other marketing materials and having a record of each mailing sent can help avoid liability for legal issues.


Interested in P3’s Duty to Warn? Learn more about our process or request a free quote today!