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Reasons to Send Your Propane Duty to Warn during the Summer

Like most of us, you’re likely planning some much deserved R&R out of the office this summer. You deserve it! But did you know that you can use the summer to unwind out of the office and take care of your annual Duty to Warn safety mailing? That’s right, sending your safety mailing during the summer is a great way to keep your brand in front of your customers and take an item off your busy fall to-do list without any added stress on you.


Perks of Sending a Propane Safety Mailing with P3 Duty to Warn

1. Reach customers with important propane safety information.

First and foremost, sending a propane safety mailing to your customers each year is how you meet your obligation to provide them with important safety information. Your annual Duty to Warn will help protect your customers, your employees, and your company from unnecessary risk. When you send your safety mailing during the summer you have the advantage of mailboxes that aren’t cluttered with other heating and fuel-related mail, so your branded letter and PERC scratch-and-sniff brochure really stand out.

2. Worry about one less thing during the busy season.

Sending your safety mailing during the summer has its benefits for you and your team, too! Propane companies are busy all year long, but things really ramp up in the fall and winter. Trust us, your future self will thank you once your propane company is super busy when it gets colder.

3. Really relax on your vacation!

Speaking of to-do lists, when you use P3 Duty to Warn to send your safety mailing, you don’t have to worry about taking on too many tasks before your much-anticipated vacation. Our process is designed to be quick and simple, so you can focus on what’s most important. In just three steps, you can provide everything we need, and the P3 Duty to Warn team will take care of the rest. All you have to do is sign your agreement, send us your propane company’s logo, and upload your customer list to our secure FTP website. And don’t forget to put up your out-of-office message before you leave for your vacation!

Contact P3 Duty to Warn for Propane Safety Mailing Quote

P3 Duty to Warn is the most cost-effective way to meet your obligation to your customers. Our comprehensive process is totally pain-free, delivering an unmatched product to inform and engage with your propane customers. Contact us to get a no-obligation quote on your safety mailing this summer!