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TPGA Duty to Warn Mailing

Texas Propane Gas Association



Commercial, Out-of-State & Jurisdictional Duty to Warn Mailings for TPGA Members

P3 Duty to Warn specializes in turn-key annual propane safety mailing services for the propane industry nationwide. They have extensive experience developing and implementing personalized, branded messages and propane safety information brochures to help propane companies maintain compliance with industry best practices.


The statewide Duty to Warn program in Texas only covers standard Duty to Warn mailings. P3 Duty to Warn has partnered with the Texas Propane Gas Association to offer members solutions for commercial, out-of-state, and jurisdictional safety mailings.


Just like your standard residential accounts, sending important safety information to commercial, jurisdictional, and out-of-state customers is an industry best practice that can help protect your company. P3 Duty to Warn is proud to partner with the Texas Propane Gas Association to offer these propane safety mailing services to association members at a great price.

Duty to Warn Mailing for Your Propane Company

  • Personalized introduction letter
  • Scratch-and-sniff propane safety brochure
  • Third-party verification certificate
  • Cost-effective printing and postage

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