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The Real Cost of DIY Safety Mailing

How does your propane company meet its obligation to send important safety information to your customers? If you are still pooling internal efforts to produce, manage, and send your propane safety mailing, read this blog post to find out if a DIY safety mailing is really saving you money. Find out how much in-house safety mailing is really costing your company.

4 Ways In-House Safety Mailing Costs You More Time & Money

  1. The Cost: Supplies
    When you complete your annual Duty to Warn propane safety mailing internally, you’ll need more than just stamps and envelopes. Think about the time, effort, and money it will take to acquire all the necessary materials, including envelopes, copy paper, mailing labels, and ink, cartridges, tape, fluid, and toner for your printer. You may need to rent advanced equipment, like a laser printer and folding/inserting equipment to expedite the process. Last but not least, don’t forget to allocate funds for PERC scratch-and-sniff safety brochures.
  2. The Cost: Efficiency
    First, you’ll have to take time away from regular business for you or your staff to acquire these supplies. Once you have the supplies, you will have to allocate more time for someone on your team to go through your customer list to make sure addresses and contact information are up to date.
  3. The Cost: Labor
    Most propane marketers that manage and send propane safety mailings in-house use their staff for production. Whether this means taking staff away from daily operations during business hours or paying them overtime, the labor hours it takes to produce your safety mailing will really add up.
  4. The Cost: Margin for Error
    Managing the propane safety mailing process internally yields a significant margin for error because internal safety mailings have a higher mail return rate, most commonly caused by changed addresses or contact information.

Save Time & Money with a Third-Party Safety Mailing Service

So, when you look at how much internal safety mailing costs in supplies, efficiency, labor, margin for error, plus time spent organizing the whole process by your management staff, it doesn’t seem as affordable, does it? There’s another solution: P3 Duty to Warn.

P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you. Our Duty to Warn safety mailing includes a custom introductory safety letter and scratch-and-sniff PERC safety brochure. We manage customer lists with high cyber security standards and use the National Change of Address (NCOA) database as well as the CASS software system to ensure your customer addresses are updated and validated. Your mailing list will be accurate and result in nearly no returns. And the best part? Everything is included in our pricing, even postage! It’s a comprehensive and cost-effective process that is designed to help propane companies meet their safety obligations as simply as possible.

Contact us to get a free quote on your annual safety mailing for 2020 or to ask any questions about our safety mailing process.