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Third-Party Verification Certificate

Protect Your Customers & Your Company

What Is a Third-Party Verification Certificate & Why Is It Important?

A third-party verification certificate is a feature offered by P3 Duty to Warn that allows your company to certify that your annual safety mailing was sent. This type of certificate is a great way to show your customers you care about their safety while also protecting your company from potential litigation. When you have a third-party verification certificate from P3 Duty to Warn, you can expect:

  • The certificate to act as proof to your insurance providers that your Duty to Warn was sent and received by propane customers
  • Your customers to know and trust that you care about their safety
  • Protection against potential litigation since a third party is verifying that you sent your Duty to Warn
  • Your certificate will be sent to you after your Duty to Warn mailing is mailed and complete
Giving someone a certificate

Certifying your Duty to Warn mailing has never been quicker or easier, thanks to P3 Duty to Warn! Get in touch with us today for your free Duty to Warn mailing quote.



What Is Included on My Third-Party Verification Certificate?

The P3 Duty to Warn third-party verification certificate will include important information such as the date of mailing, the total number of letters mailed, and other pertinent details.

Trust P3 Duty to Warn for all your safety mailing needs—we’re endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association and supported by dependable names in the propane industry. Request your no-obligation quote from us today to protect your business and your customers!