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Don’t Procrastinate Your End of the Year To-Do List

Can you believe this year is almost over? It’s been a great year, and we at P3 Duty to Warn are looking forward to everything that next year has in store. But before we wrap up this year and move on to the next, it’s important that you check off those last few items on your to-do list. Keep reading to learn our top picks for tasks to take care of before the end of the year, and how P3 Duty to Warn can help you stay on top of your responsibilities to your customers into the future!

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Check Off These Important To-Do List Items Now

Take care of these crucial end of the year tasks today, and you’ll be able to sit back and relax until the new year:

Write Holiday Cards

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means other celebrations such as Christmas and Hannukah aren’t far away! Now is the perfect time to make up a mailing list for holiday cards, so you know who you’re sending them to, how many cards you need, and what you can expect to spend on postage. Rather do something online? There are plenty of free ways to email holiday greetings to your loved ones!

Plan Out Your Favorite Seasonal Recipes

Do your friends or family have any special dishes they expect to see on the holiday dinner table? It’s a good idea to start preparing those meals ahead of time, no matter the size of your gathering. You could even make it into a family affair, with each member bringing a dish of their own! Either way, make up a list of the ingredients and other supplies you’ll need, and double-check that you have the time necessary to whip up those delicious treats.

Outsource Your Duty to Warn Mailing to the NPGA-Endorsed Provider

Instead of trying to balance the chaotic nature of the holiday season with the responsibility of your annual propane safety mailing, you should rely on P3 Duty to Warn. We handle the entire propane Duty to Warn mailing process from start to finish for propane marketers across the country. Our service is unique because it not only facilitates compliance with Duty to Warn but includes all management and costs associated with design, printing, postage, and mailing for your Duty to Warn. Some reasons to choose P3 Duty to Warn include:

  • Your Staff Stays on Task: Entrusting us with your Duty to Warn mailing means your hard-working staff can focus on their current tasks and keep your business running smoothly.
  • Safety Letter & Envelope: We draft a professional letter to your customers branded with your company’s information explaining the importance of propane safety.
  • Cheaper than In-House Mailings: We take care of printing and postage for you, and we use well-respected printers and mail houses, so you always know you’re receiving the best rates. The cost of postage is predicted to increase next year, so now’s the time to mail.
  • Scratch-and-Sniff PERC Propane Safety Brochure: An informative safety brochure is included with the mailing to explain propane safety practices and inform your customers of how to detect early warning signs of a potential gas leak.
  • Secure File Transmission: We use a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) service when you provide us with your customer list and other sensitive information for your mailing to add an extra layer of encryption, making it impossible for anyone to get ahold of your files.

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Get a FREE Quote for Your Duty to Warn Mailing Today

Our NPGA-endorsed company at P3 Duty to Warn manages the entire safety mailing process for you, while helping you put the holiday spirit first. Our comprehensive process is designed to help propane companies meet safety obligations as affordably as possible. You can take comfort knowing that we uphold strict security practices to keep your customer list and sensitive safety mailing information confidential. Reach out to us today to get your FREE no-obligation quote. We look forward to working with you!