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The Value Proposition of Using P3 Duty to Warn

P3 Duty to Warn has mailed to over 2.5 million propane customers in 2022 with our annual risk mitigation process for propane dealers. Our service is designed to inform your customers about the proper use and storage of propane to legally protect your business and keep your customers safe. Keep reading to learn how using our #1 propane safety mailing service to fulfill your annual Duty to Warn obligation adds value and security to your propane mailing process.

How Our Propane Safety Mailing Process Works

When you rely on P3 Duty to Warn for your annual propane safety mailing, you’re getting the best value for our service package. We handle the entire propane Duty to Warn mailing process from start to finish for propane marketers across the country. Our unique combination of products and services not only facilitates compliance with Duty to Warn but includes all management and costs associated with design, printing, postage, and mailing for your Duty to Warn. Our process includes all the required components to meet your obligation and to help protect your business and your customers:

Safety Letter and Envelope:

We draft a professional letter to your customers branded with your company’s information explaining the importance of propane safety.

Discounted Printing and Postage:

We ensure you receive the best rates on printing and postage through the use of well-respected printers and mail houses.

Scratch-and-Sniff PERC Propane Safety Brochure:

An informative safety brochure is included with the mailing to explain propane safety practices and inform your customers of how to detect early warning signs of a potential gas leak.

Third-Party Verification Certificate:

We provide you with a detailed, signed certificate verifying your completed safety mailing. This certificate is mailed to you and your insurance provider as assurance that you have communicated this important propane safety information to your customers.

Secure File Transmission:

We use a secure SFTP service when you provide us with your customer list and other sensitive information for your mailing to add an extra layer of encryption, making it impossible for anyone to get ahold of your files or see your login and password information.

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We Provide Safety Mailing to Protect Your Customers & Your Company

Look no further than P3 Duty to Warn to provide your customers with comprehensive Duty to Warn mailing. As the #1 provider in the industry and an NPGA endorsed affinity program provider, we can ensure your propane safety mailing will be accurate, effective, and impactful for your customers’ propane safety this year.

  • Keep your customers safe by sending your safety mailing before the winter heating season begins.
  • Include a PERC Scratch-and-Sniff Brochure in your DTW to help your customers understand the signs and smells of a propane leak.
  • Ensure customers receive the safety mailing they need most.
  • We’ll maintain records and verification that your letters were sent.

Find out why insurance and legal counsel alike endorse our risk mitigation process for propane dealers by reaching out to our team today for a FREE quote today.

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Send Your Duty to Warn Mailing with Us: Get a FREE Quote Today

Our comprehensive mailing process is designed to help propane companies meet safety obligations as accurately, effectively, and affordably as possible. Contact us for a free quote on your annual safety mailing today and experience the added value of working with our expert team of propane mailing professionals before the year is over!