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Show Customers That You Care about Safety

How does your propane company show its customers that safety is your number one concern? There are so many steps your employees take every day to keep your customers safe, but very few of those can be effectively communicated to your customers. You might not be able to translate regulatory requirements to your propane customers, but you can send an annual Duty to Warn safety mailing to show them just how seriously you take safety.

Two in One: Safety Mailing and Safety Branding 

P3’s Duty to Warn safety mailing service is a unique risk management tool that helps protect your customers, your employees, and your company. This stand-alone safety mailing is a unique risk mitigation tool because it also provides marketers an opportunity to promote their brand and its value to their customers.

Safety Mailing

First and foremost, an annual safety mailing is an industry best practice used by propane marketers to meet their obligation to provide customers with important safety information. Sending an annual safety mailing is highly endorsed by the insurance industry and helps to educate customers about the safe use of propane. P3 Duty to Warn creates a stand-alone mailing that includes a safety letter and a PERC scratch-and-sniff brochure. The safety mailing serves as a resource for customers and helps to reduce unnecessary propane safety hazards. P3 Duty to Warn utilizes strict security procedures to keep customer lists confidential. After your safety mailing has been completed, you will receive a third-party verification certificate to keep for your records.

Safety Branding

Your annual safety mailing is critical to meet your safety obligation, but it is also a marketing tool that presents the best face of your brand to your customers. When customers receive your Duty to Warn, they get a professionally designed packet of resource information. The safety letter is branded with your company logo and the letter itself can be customized to your specific needs. Additionally, the PERC brochure is a helpful consumer-facing product that helps customers gain knowledge of their propane equipment and relevant safety procedures. All of these elements come together to show your customers that you truly care about their safety, and that it is your company’s main priority.

It’s never too early to take care of your annual Duty to Warn. Contact us to get a free quote and to get started on your 2020 safety mailing today.